Our Mission

First, Recollection Historica attempts to unite diverse youth scholars around the world for building effective cooperation in terms of research in humanities and social sciences. We believe that youths are the power of the future, and cooperation among scholars who have different experiences, scales of knowledge, and fields of expertise is an integral part of successful academic research. To this end, Recollection Historica intentionally looks for youth scholars coming from geographically different regions. We hope that our journal can serve as a node of international cooperation. Second, Recollection Historica put all possible effort into presenting accurate and emerging information and scholarship for both practical and theoretical humanities study. We hold the slogan that education is the best approach to tackling social issues, and high-quality information is needed for successful education. Therefore, we utilize our double blinded peer-review methods to guarantee the quality of the works published in this journal. Third, Recollection Historica hopes to inform its readers of the most up-to-date and socially significant topics and illustrate diverse opinions on those topics. Humanities would make greater sense if it is situated in a world context. Therefore, while choosing works for publication, we select works with the most comprehensive care we could ever possibly assume to ensure that the works are socially reflective. Fourth, Recollection Historica wishes to further the critical thinking skills of both its authors and readers. For this purpose, we encourage our authors to demonstrate critical thinking in their works; we advise our readers to read this journal critically and send any constructive suggestions to us. We believe that the ability to think critically and independently is one of the most essential abilities in one’s life.