Judging & Recognition

The Journal of Recollection Historica recognize youths with publications, fellowships, research seminars, and internship opportunities. To be considered, visit the Submit Your Entry page for more details on submission procedures.

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Reviewing Committee & Advisory Board

All submissions undergo a double-blind peer-review process, through which subject experts affiliated with credible universities and research institutions evaluate each paper’s coherence and contribution to the field. After two rounds of reviewing process, the finalists listed by the committee will go through final evaluation via our professional advisory board staff. If selected, the work will be published in our next journal issue.

Are Resubmissions Considered?

Recollection Historica recognizes the efforts and dedication of each author. For works not selected by our reviewing committee and advisory board staff, we encourage the author to revise and resubmit their work in a future issue. If sufficient merit was noted during evaluation, Recollection Historica may contact the author for relevant suggestions on improvements.

Judging Procedures


Rolling Admissions

Recollection Historica uses a rolling admissions basis on accepting works. The listed deadlines of April 15th and November 15th are the latest dates considered for the subsequent Spring or Winter Edition. Authors whose works are selected for publication will be notified two-four weeks prior to issue release. An email of congratulations along with a consent form will be sent to the author’s email address. The author needs to fill the consent form and reply to the email before the publication deadline listed.

Publication Rights

Following publication, all rights revert back to the writer. However, if required, the author should credit Recollection Historica as the place where their work first appeared.


Visions of the RHF

The Recollection Historica Fellowship (RHF) is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote cooperation among youths in the academic field of humanities and social sciences. We hope to gather aspiring, passionate teenagers around the globe who have deep interests in humanities and social sciences. We believe that diverse members in the fellowship is a driving force for creativity and innovation.

Benefits & Opportunities

Authors whose works are selected for publication are eligible to join the Recollection Historica fellowship. The benefits of joining our fellowship include but are not limited to the following:

  • Youths involved in the fellowship may attend our weekly seminars and curriculum programs, with topics including continental philosophy, identity politics, Platonic ethics, Renaissance literature.

  • Authors may ask for specific guidance on humanities work from our professional advisory board through communication.

  • The author may apply to be one of our peer reviewers; this application will go through a demanding but more flexible process of reviewing. 

  • The author can choose to attend humanities sessions held by our advisory board faculties.

  • There are also opportunities for outstanding fellowship members to intern and join our leadership team.