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Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines for The Journal of Recollection Historica are listed below. Please read the appropriate section and follow the guidelines. View the categories section for more details on the types of works considered for submissions.

Document Formatting

All files should be in a Microsoft Word document. The filename of the submitted document should be the author’s full name followed by an underscore and the first ten words of the work’s title, and the category of the work should be in parenthesis. For example: John Smiths_ Exploring the American Founding Fathers(Critical Research). All submissions need to be in English (or translated into English). All submissions are required to use Times New Roman font 12 double spaced. Titles and subtitles should be bold. Please download and reference the template guide.

Submission Details

Please fill out and follow the instructions of the Submission Form. All deadlines are effective 11:59 PM EDT.  If you wish to submit multiple works, please fill out multiple forms. A confirmation email should be anticipated after the registration team files your submission, this process may take 1-3 business days.

General Guidelines

Citations and Plagiarism

How to Cite Sources

We require all submitted works to use the Chicago style citations, the usage of endnotes or footnotes is up to the discretion of the author. For more information on the Chicago style citation, please refer to the Chicago Manual or Owl Purdue:

Plagiarism Violations 

Academic integrity is a prioritized concern of Recollection Historica; we have a highly rigorous discipline in terms of violation of academic integrity. We evaluate each citation of every paper for adherence in content, degree, and tone to a reliable source. If any form of plagiarism or fabrication of information is found in the submitted work, the work will be returned immediately, and the author will be blacklisted by the journal.


The only exception is unintended falsification; if the author reasonably explains the situation, the reviewing committee will consider removing the author from the blacklist. If published works are subsequently found to be plagiarized or include falsified or fabricated information, the work will be removed from the electronic journal, and the author will be blacklisted by the journal and the fellowship.