Advisory Board


Freida Ekotto

Chief Advisor 

Frieda Ekotto is a Francophone African woman novelist and literary critic. She is Professor of AfroAmerican and African Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan and is currently the Hunting Family Fellow at the Institute for the Humanities. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Ford Foundation seed grant for research and collaborative work with institutions of higher learning in Africa. 


Sunny Mewati


Sunny Mewati is currently teaching economics, business, and international relations at Beijing SMIC Private School. He has a Bechelor of Engineering degree and a Master of Economics degree; additionally, he has a Professional Educator License (PEL) in the State of Illinois. His academic field of expertise includes economics, politics, critical academic writing, and debate.

Vanessa Braganza0674.jpg

Vanessa Braganza


V.M. Braganza is a public-facing intellectual and book detective, and a PhD candidate in English at Harvard. She writes for Smithsonian, Lithub, Mental Floss, and the LA Review of Books. Her academic work has appeared in a variety of scholarly journals and volumes, including the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Women's Writing in English. She was co-coordinator of Harvard's Renaissance Colloquium in 2020-21.


Michael Connell


Michael Connell is a professor from Melbourne Australia with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors, a Graduate Diploma of Education, and a Masters of International Relations. He has formerly taught in both Melbourne High School and Beijing SMIC Private School. His academic field of expertise ranges from humanities to social sciences, including US history, international relations, and politics. 


Julio Sanchez


Julio L. Sánchez Hernández is a teacher of AP US History, AP Human Geography, AP World History, World History, and US History at Beijing SMIC Private School with a BA in humanities from University of the Andes and a MA from Western Kentucky University; he has also formerly taught at the History Department of University of the Andes. He is particularly interested in the study of ethnography and Native American history


Patrick Carter


Patrick Carter is the Director of Character Education at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario; he is also the current teacher of a broad range of courses in the Social Science Department. After completing a Ph.D. in History at the University of Cambridge, he taught History at the University of St Andrews (Scotland). Patrick is the author of numerous academic articles on aspects of early modern British religious and administrative history.