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Winter 2022

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Recollection Historica IV

When you hold your pen and condense both euphoria and melancholy, both courage and timidity, you reach what the sages call, the state of epiphany. Epiphany is what propels the development of humanities and the core essence of our Fourth Issue: 2022 Winter Edition.


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Recollection Historica publications allows young scholars to join in discourse with readership through reviews, letters, and an online discussion forum. Our emphasis on the diverse range of disciplines creates an enriching environment for the exchange of perspectives and ideas.

Spring Deadline: March 15th

Winter Deadline: September 15th

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The Recollection Historica Fellowship allows young scholars to immerse in humanities seminars held by our Advisory Board to explore inspirations, gain experiences, and pursue guidance in their research.


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Aspiring youths can seek opportunities and discourse through joining our leadership team. The guiding principle of Recollection Historica is to promote materials, resources, and opportunities to encourage young scholars for further humanities research.

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